October 11, 2010 1450 hrs.

McRobert city, Wielvakia

Navajo 1- "This is 18hotel to base, everythin's lookin' good."

Oreo- "This is 'Oreo' to 18hotel. We have contact."

(*dun da dun*)

Oreo- "Three Erusian bombers, escorted by six fighters, 30 mi. out."

Navajo 2- "Base, this is November six-niner. Weapons free?"

Base- "Weapons free. Intercept."

(10 mins. pass)

Navajo 1- "What's that you say, Allen? Right, setting AIM-9 switch to master arm. 2, do the same."

Navajo 2- "Wilco."

(*boing boing boing boing boing rroooppppp)

Navajo 1- "Got a lock! Fox two!"

Navajo 2- "Nice shot, lead. Taking down the bombers."

Navajo 1- "Oh God, no. He's on my tail!"

To be continued...

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