When we last saw Navajo squadron, we hoped it would be the last time. But, they're back.

Navajo 1- "Serpentine, Allen! Serpentine!"

Navajo 2- "Got one! That's one bomber and three escorts left."

Oreo- "Check the radar!"

Navajo 2- "Ok, Ok, O- there is no radar to check!"

Navajo 1 -"Engaging an EA-18 Growler, in case you need to know!"

(*boing boing boing boing rrrrroooooppppp*)

Navajo 1- "Fox Two! Ahh, it's not gonna make it, it's not gonna-yesssss!"

(couple mins. later)

Oreo- "Very good job! Now land before she gets thirsty!"

Navajo 1- "She's getting thirsty, and I'm getting thirsty!"

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