The space hotel is lodging for tourists, existing in the 2020's or 2030's.


The space hotel is made up mainly of discarded fuel tanks from the space shuttle. There are several paces where spacecraft can dock with the hotel. A tank connects that to the hub. There are solar arrays which provide power located between the rooms and the hub. The main hub is like the lobby too. The rooms themselves are tanks connected in a circle. The rooms are connected to the hub by tunnels. Between each tank, there are escape craft in case of an emergency. The hotel itself spins slowly to create artificial gravity in the rooms. A tank connects the hub to the guest luxuries area, which is two tanks connected together.

Guest luxuriesEdit

The rooms have windows for guests to enjoy a view of Earth. The rooms themselves are quite similar to that of a normal hotel. The bottom two tanks are low gravity, where guests can float in freefall. There are also spacesuits for rent, so guests can brave the outdoors, just so long that they do not damage solar panels or docking hatches, etc. A spaceplane transports guests from Earth to the hotel and docks on the top.