The space colony, as the name implies, is a colony in orbit. This colony exists from the 2090's or 2100's. It is serviced by universal transports.

Spacecraft designEdit

The colony consists of a main spine. At one end of the spine, there are life support systems. Travelling along the spine, the docking ports for spacecraft and the welcome hub is visible. Even further along, the central areas; the "downtown" hub, freefall hub, and the fuel storage areas. The downtown hub has two connecting tubes to the living areas, which curve in a "Waltzer" design. Lastly, there are the comms equipment at the other end of the spine. Like the space hotel, the colony spins to create artificial gravity. In the living areas there are fields and houses to make life normal.


The colony orbits at the L1 point, where gravity from the Earth and the moon cancel each other out. This is done so to keep the colony from floating away as well as making construction easier.