The powerhowse station is a pwoerhouse in space. It exists from the 2040's or 2060's.

Spacecraft designEdit

The powerhouse has a simple design. It mainly consists of a bar with solar panels in the middle. The solar panels themselves are hexagonally shaped and arranged. The far end of the powerhouse contains robotic systems and a docking port. Astronauts may come up from time to time, to do repairs and inspections, and can use a crew module during their stay. At the front end, there is a cupola for astronaut observations. There are also two adjustable laser projectors, which are capable of basting cones into deep space.

The science behind the powerhouseEdit

The powerhouse utilizes a laser light and a cone of water. The laser is more concentrated than a normal light. The laser is shined at the cone, whose fuel is a tank of plain water. Once the laser hits the water, the beam flash-boils it into superheated steam. The thrust is equivalent to a superpower rocket engine, enough to cross the solar system in just a few days.