The Phobos colony is a colony on Phobos, a moon of Mars. It exists from the 2060's or 2070's.

Colony LayoutEdit

The whole colony exists in a mine drilled by a base. The colony's layout is simple. There are different modules for different areas. The inside resembles a shopping mall, with cafes, food courts, and oxygen producing parks.

Phobos Mining BaseEdit

The Mining base is more complex. First of all, on the left side, There are supplies in four different modules, such as food, water, oxygen reproduction, etc. That is connected to crew quarters, on top of another floor. On the bottom floor, there are legs that attatch themselves to the rocks when drilling starts. Connected to the crew quarters are two areas for mining crew supplies. There is a yellow gantry that has a pod inside which moves up and down through the surface of Phobos. Once the pod reaches the bottom, the crew suits up, exits the pod, and starts drilling. The whole mining base is about the same size of an offshore oil-rig, with some of the same functions. It is serviced by the universal transport.