The Orion is an interplanetary exploration vehicle which exists in the 2040's.

Spacecraft designEdit

The Orion resembles the Discovery from the Space Odyssey series. In the front, the crew habitation sphere is located. The long bar behind the sphere is now crew accessible; it is accessed through a hatch in the bottom of the centrifuge.

The bar has changes as well: the antenna is now located closer to the sphere, as well as bearing a resemblance to the Hubble Space Telescope. There is also an experiment module in the center of the ship. This module spins as well as the centrifuge, and it also has solar panels extending out, too. Even further aft there is a docking hatch for other spacecraft to rondevous w/ the Orion. There is also a huge change: the bar has three aditional pods and hatches located near the communications, near the experiment module, and the engine.

The sphere is of similar design to the Discovery. There are four decks: the CAL 2000-2012 Logic deck, the cockpit deck, the centrifuge, and the pod deck. Unlike the Discovery, the Orion is weightless except for the centrifuge. The pods are small lunar modules, large enough for one person only.


As with the Discovery, the Orion can go to Jupiter, Mars, Venus, or Mercury. The spacecraft has life support to as far as Jupiter and back only.