Escape method from Earth


~350 m.



Cargo (if applicable)

200 passengers

The ark is an interplanetary evacuation craft. It is designed for escape from Earth, and quite possibly the Solar System. They exist in the 2100's.

Spacecraft designEdit

This spacecraft is very simlar in design to the Discovery in Arthur C. Clarke's  2001: A Space Odyssey. In the very front, there is a fuel sphere. The fuel itself is rare gas collected from Jupiter's atmosphere. The sphere is dotted with sensors to scan the surrounding environment as well as the fuel condition. Trailing behind are four modules. They are  the living module, the storage module, the engineeering module, and the nuclear engine module. Between the first two modules, there are antennae for communication between other arks.

The journeyEdit

The journey is at a top speed of 60,000 miles a second which takes 15-50 years. The human count starts with 200. By journey's end, more people will inhabit this spacecraft, as couples will have families along the way.